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Convert Hotstar downloaded video to MP4 on Windows/Mac

January 12 2017 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Convert Hotstar downloaded video to MP4, #MP4

"How do I convert hotstar downloaded video to MP4 video?" If you wanna convert videos to MP4, I have something for you. Here is my favorite Video Converter - Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate - a great option. The powerful video converting app to convert...

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View 3D movies on VR One with iPhone/Android

January 9 2017 , Written by TracyLi Published on #View 3D movies on VR One with iPhone, #View 3D movies on VR One with Android, #View 3D movies on VR One, #iPhone

If you have a VR headset, then you can watch a 3D movie all from the comfort of your home. Zeiss VR One is a nice choice, its screens are so sophisticated! Here's how you can watch a 3D movie with Zeiss VR One on iPhone or Android smartphone. Part 1:...

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Online Guide: Play DVD on smart TV via Chromecast 2

January 8 2017 , Written by TracyLi Published on #stream DVD to Chromecast 2, #Play DVD on Smart TV, #Watch DVD on TV via Chromecast 2, #rip DVD to Chromecast 2

Outline: Is there a way to play DVD on smart TV using Chromecast 2? Yeah! Hivimoore tells you how to stream DVD to Chromecast 2 for watching on TV even without downloading a DVD player. Finding movie and audio to send to Google's Chromecast 2 proved to...

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How to Rip DVD library to Your Plex Library

January 4 2017 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Rip DVD to Plex, #Copy DVD to Plex, #Play DVD on Plex, #Plex

What is the best option for decrypting and converting my dvd collection to Plex compatible formats? By google searching and some tests, I finally got one effective tip for getting DVDs into Plex for playing. You just need to convert DVD to Plex supported...

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Ultimate Convert M2TS to MP4 in Perfect Video Audio Effects

January 4 2017 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Convert M2TS to MP4

The M2TS file recorded from AVCHD camcorder is made to multiplex audio, video and other streams for high definition videos. However, for M2TS editors are always expensive and high-end computer required, sometimes we edit MTS/M2TS on regular computer with...

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Import 4K MTS/M2TS to Sony Vegas Pro without rendering

January 3 2017 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Import 4K MTS to Sony Vegas Pro, #Import 4K M2TS to Sony Vegas Pro, #Convert 4K MTS to HD AVI, #Convert 4K M2TS to HD AVI, #Edit 4K MTS-M2TS in Sony Vegas Pro

If you have 4K MTS/M2TS videos and you will find 4K MTS/M2TS video file is not supported well by Sony Vegas Pro. This article is mainly to share an idea about how to effectively convert 4K MTS/M2TS to HD AVI for Sony Vegas Pro without rendering. Hot Topic:...

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Play AVI on Windows Media Player (AVI Codec & Conversion)

December 30 2016 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Play AVI on Windows Media Player, #Install AVI codec for Windows Media Player, #Windows Media Player Play AVI, #best AVI to WMV Converter, #Convert AVI to Windows Media Player

Outline: Unable to play AVI on Windows Media Player? Fix it now! Simply follow this article to play AVI in Windows Media Player with ease and fast! AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and it is an audio and video container format introduced by Microsoft...

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Play MKV on Windows Media Player by MKV Codec or conversion

December 28 2016 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Play MKV on Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a widely-used player that plays various video and audio formats. However, our regret that Windows Media Player won't play MKV movie format. In order to make Windows Media Player play MKV movies, you will need to install some MKV...

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Can't Play MP4 on Windows Media Player? Solved!

December 28 2016 , Written by TracyLi Published on #Windows Media Player MP4 Codec, #Play MP4 on Windows Media Player, #View MP4 on Windows Media Player

Summary: How to force Windows Media Player to open all MP4 videos? Install a Codec Pack? Or directly convert MP4 to Windows Media Player playable format. Here Hivimoore share the best solutions for you. According to Microsoft support website, the latest...

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2 Ways to Put iTunes movies to USB flash drive

December 27 2016 , Written by TracyLi Published on #iTunes, #iTunes Video Converter, #DRM Media Converter, #DRM Removal, #iTunes to UBS Flash drive

If you have a rich movies collection on iTunes and you might be confused why you can't directly sync iTunes movies to a USB flash drive. That's because iTunes movies (.m4v) are copy-protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM, which prevents you from copying any...

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